Custom Fitted

Have you ever had to purchase a custom dress or suit for any type of occasion? At some point in time, you most likely have, whether it be for a wedding or some other formal event or just because.


Part of the process was finding the perfect design to fit the occasion. The style, cut, lines and color all had to match perfectly. Once found, alterations may have been needed and those measurements allowed for a perfect fit to you.


The same can be said and done for your home's window treatments. No two windows are the same. Every home has its own variations of color, decor, window size and design, which speaks to its unique character and the personality of its owner. YOU!

So before you go out and but just an off the shelf product for your windows, have the professional tailors take a look at your windows and home. We are here to help you find the perfect product, color, style and size it so it fits your windows and home perfectly allowing you to bask in comfort.