Have you ever wondered what it means for you to work with a local family owned company?

You know, over the years of working here at Bay View Shade and Blind one question I’ve been asked many times is “What makes your company different than others” My response goes something like this:

Well since I've never worked with any other companies for the purchase of window treatments, I can only go on what I know about us. We are a locally owned and operated family company. We are here to earn your business and treat you like part of the family.

What does that mean exactly for you?

  1. We are going to listen to what you really want because we know if we don't get it right, just as a family member, you aren't going anywhere, and guess what; we're not happy until you're happy.
  2. We are going to make selections for your home as if it were our very own and items that not only increase the value of your home but truly improve the quality of your home enjoyment.
  3. We will work tirelessly to find the products you want at the pricing you need.
  4. Being local we know we have a name and reputation to live up to! We know if our customers aren't happy and things don't work out we can't just close up shop and leave, because your neighbours are our neighbours, and your community is our community too.
  5. Being local means being here for you; even well after all your window treatments are installed if there's a problem, you know where to find us.
  6. We work for you and with you.
  7. We won't look at you as a bother but will consider it a privilege to earn your business.

Ultimately we know words are easily spoken, and it's easy to say something, but the test comes when you need to rely on someone's word. We won't ask you just to take our words about why we are different: go ahead - ask someone you know. Chances are good that over the last 91 years someone you know has worked with us... go ahead & ask them why we're different - they'll tell you; or just give us an opportunity to earn your business and find out for yourself what makes Bay View Shade and Blind truly different.