Painted wood work a little too plain?

A Growing trend is painted wood work and muted colors for walls. With that there is a growing need for pops or splashes of color that allow us to put our signatures on our homes, but sometimes there's caution as to how to best achieve the result we want.

One of the best and most comfortable ways to experiment with color is to use colors that feel very natural to us, such as those we see in nature itself or use items that incorporate multiple tones or a soft pattern. 

Welcome to the age of doing more with less! If you're looking for a product that combines color, design and functionality without adding the need to layer your window treatments, check out our Elite Series Designer Roller Shades! With over 300 fabrics to choose from ranging from simple, to beautiful design orientated fabrics, you're sure to find that splash of color and design your room is in need of.