Elite Series Mylar Sunshades

Light Blocking
Pet & Child Safe

At Bay View Shade & Blind, we exclusively handcraft our elite series mylar sunshades right here in Milwaukee. Enjoy the outdoor scenery while reducing sun glare with a set of cool, transparent Mylar Sun Control Window Shades.  Our elite series mylar sunshades are sunglasses for your windows.  Mylar Sun Control Window Shades contain a transparent film to block harmful UV rays, reducing fading and annoying glare on your textiles, valuables, and interior furnishings, dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of your home or office, reflecting up to 78% of the sun’s heat in the summer and reducing winter heat loss up to 19%.


Mylar Sunshades are not adhered to your glass but are a moveable option that can be lowered when the sun is bothersome and raised when it’s not. This allows you to control the amount of sunlight entering your home or business.  With the Mylar Sun Control Window Shades, you can increase productivity at home or work by maintaining an even, comfortable temperature year round.

One hallmark of our elite series mylar sunshade is USA Made quality.


Operation Systems:

  • Cordless

  • Heavy Duty Side control lift

  • Cordless Plus

  • Remote control motorized lift system

  • Duo Day/Night shading



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