Natural Wood Blinds

Light Blocking

Our Wood Blinds capture all of nature’s exquisite beauty. Bring the splendor of the outdoors into your home or office with this sophisticated, elegant window treatment. Real Wood Blinds are perfect for customers desiring the look of shutters with the increased functionality of blinds.


Our Real Wood Blinds are made from kiln-dried North American hardwood - a sturdy, lightweight, warp resistant material. Optional Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and Ash woods are available for a rich, sophisticated, and classy look.  A multi-coat staining or painting process guarantees a gorgeous, durable finish. The finishing process includes a top coat of UV protectant that prevents the blinds from fading. Our wide selection of slat sizes, stains, and paint options allow you limitless possibilities for enhancing the wood furnishings in your home with these exquisite Real Wood Blinds.

Our Real Wood Blinds feature Privacy Slats, which have no hole in the blind slat, giving the blinds a complete finished appearance. The Real Wood Blinds come with a draw cord allowing you to raise and lower the blinds as well as a  wand or cord tilt for maneuvering the slats to your desired level of light control or privacy. Our Cord Tilt feature offers longevity and optimum privacy in tilting the slats. The optional Remote Control feature will tilt slats for easy opening and closing, and ability to direct the sunlight entering your home.


Operating Systems:

  • Remote control motorized tilt or tilt and lift

  • Cordless lift system

  • UltraGlide retractable cord lift system

  • Standard Cordlock lift system


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